The Optimist

optimistSo I just weighed for the first time since I’ve been back from my holidays and I’ve put on a lb. Sigh. Anyone who follows my weight loss (or weight plateau currently) will notice my results have gone from weekly recordings at the beginning of the year to monthly one’s. Had I weighed last week I would have been able to record a 5lb loss but a week of over-indulgence has caught up with me and alas I am 1lb heavier. However, I’m going to embrace that lb, in fact I think it’s a whole lb worth of optimism. Having been a bit lighter last week and having received a couple of compliments on my weight loss, I’ve been reminded why I’m doing this in the first place. So as of today it’s back to weekly weigh-in’s and tracking. With 4 and a bit months to go before the end of the year I’m still confident I can achieve my goals! To the cha-cha!

What If?


What if you knew that the day you died everything in your life would make sense and fall into place? That worries you had would have a resolution. That questions you have would be answered or the problems you have could be resolved. Like when you’ve been relying on the answer from someone whose disappeared and when they come back they tell you something you knew all along. That it’s okay, that it’s always been okay. That something you’ve been worrying about was never something to worry about. To be reassured, to be encouraged, to provide hope, to give faith. If you knew this would happen, would you try and make it happen sooner? Tomorrow? Today? What if you could be your own reassurance? What if that reassurance that everything will be okay could come from…you? What if, actually you’re in sole control of your thoughts, reactions and justifications to what happens in your life and you can make it better for yourself? Now. Right now.
What if?