The Definition of Insanity

InsanityAnyone who follows my statistics closely (thanks for the support if you do and equally fewww if you don’t) will have noticed that since January when I was on a roll, the rest of the year has been pretty stagnant. If I want to make the progress I wished for in 2014 then I need to make some changes sharpish. Especially given last week where I was travelling, over-indulgent, sedentary and gained. Oops.┬áSo under the guidance of my personal trainer I am cutting back on the high cardio classes I do in favour of walking (16 miles so far this week) and 3 HIIT sessions a week. Plus, as of Monday I have decided to cut out sugar and switch to a High Fat, Medium Protein, Low Carb diet (also known as The Banting Diet). Results so far are interesting…3 days in, there is no immediate weight-loss (my friend suggests this could be my body adjusting) but I have lost a bit of fat. I’m not hungry in between meals┬ábut I have had carb and sugar cravings and in the morning I do feel sluggish. I’m due to weigh again in 3 days time so I expect to see a difference by then!